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Tree nurseries around Gent

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Tree nurseries around Ghent

Belgium is specialized in in cultivating and producing qualitative trees. There is a total amount of 5254 ha of land that is used by Belgian tree nurseries.

We even see a slight raise in land in function of cultivation! There are 4053 ha destined for bushes and ornamental shrubs, 530 ha of fruit trees, 681 ha of evergreen and landscape plantation, although the last category is shrinking.

In comparison to 2016, the amount of Belgian tree nurseries has stabelized. But still, there are only 722 companies left, compared to 1300 enterprises during the eighties and around 1000 in 2010.

The production value of the tree nurseries in Belgian is estimated around 333 million euro. 133 million is obtained by export. France, Great-Britain, the Netherlands and Germany are the most important export countries for Belgium.


Marc De Raeve

50% of our trees are destined to be exported. We also would like to expand our company and raise this share.

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